Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

I think many people are going to be busy and distracted for the next few days, while Christmas and other winter holidays take over for a few more days. Well, I know I am. I have a blanket I have to finish crocheting for my cousin and some real, actual work that needs doing. And, hopefully, I have a movie to see.

I wish you all well, whether you are celebrating a big day with your family or are staying home. Have a (pick all that apply: (1) Festive Yule, (2) Happy Hanukkah, (3) Merry Christmas, (4) Pleasant Day Off, (5) Happy Kwanzaa, (6) Wonderful Wintry Non-secular Gift Exchange with Loved Ones, AKA Giftmas and (7) Other _________ 

As a side note, I am working on TVD recaps, and hopefully will have some for next week, leading into January. I will not meet my goal of catching up, there are far too many, but hopefully as we get into the end of this season of TVD I'll be able to keep up.

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