Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: Exorcismus

I'm going to review one more Netflix movie, and then I'm gonna switch over to Hulu for a couple of movies, and then back. My plan is to cover cheap and free entertainment

Exorcismus is another movie from the New Arrivals list, and I picked it pretty much because the cover looked vaguely interesting and I thought it might be in a foreign language. It was not, it's a movie starring largely British actors speaking English, but it was originally released in Spain. The more I watched the movie, the less I liked the title. The original title was La posesiĆ³n de Emma Evans, which is Spanish for the Possession of Emma Evans, and is a title I much prefer.

Title quibbles aside, I quite liked this movie. It starts a little slow and there are a couple of places where the dialog could use a little work, but overall I feel it's a solid movie. I'm not as familiar with exorcism movies as I am with other subsets of the horror genre, so I don't know if it's as unique as it seems to be, but I like the way the ending goes. There's a moment, and only a moment, where you root for Satan.

It is about a legitimate Satanic possession. The film plays like it's going to be a little ambiguous at first, but she levitates not too far into the film so that leaves out any "is she crazy? after attention?" questions. The curious part about this film is that the priest who exorcises her is her uncle, which is actually a plot point.

The beginning is a little... well if I were the editor I probably would have left out  some of the flashback scenes, and told the story in as linear a manner as possible. The point of the opening scene is to get across the point that when Emma claims she cut her hand, it was an accident, but I think the actress does this well enough without needing that primary scene where we see her deliberately cut her hand. It felt a little out of place in an otherwise linear movie.

Also, at one point after her daughter has levitated several feet off the ground in front of her very eyes, her mother still seems skeptical that anything unnatural is going on. Le sigh.

My only other real quibble with the movie is that there is a bit of shaky cam going on. Not a whole lot, but it was noticeable and distracting at times

The sound track is minimal, with music only in the background when someone is actually listening to it. Emma's father, downstairs, listening to a record or Emma listening to her MP3 player.

There are a couple of really creepy moments, and there are a couple of moments where you know what's going to happen and dread it. I enjoyed watching it, and I'd watch it again. I think the ending is really well done and makes sense in the context of the movie.

If you've seen the movie and have thoughts on it, or have thoughts on the genre in general, please leave a comment! Also, if there's something you want me to watch, let me know, I am always game for requests. For my next review I'm planning to watch Silent Hill, which is widely regarded to be crap, but as I haven't played the video games I'm curious to see how it stands up as a horror movie.

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