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The Vampire Diaries Recap S1E2

I am going to have friends in town this week, so it may be another "I forget to do one of these for a week." There are a LOT of Vampire Diaries, and my goal is to get through them all before the mid-season break is over in January, so we're all caught up. I'll try to throw other things in for color, but basically: hold on to your butts, it's vampire time.

I am doing these recaps because I want to talk about them and nobody I knows watch the show. So if  I ramble (I do) that's why. I'm trying to make these not so long so if I don't have anything to say, I may not mention it. There's a lot of stuff that isn't necessarily inconsequential, but isn't called back until later in the series.

Season 1 Episode 2: Night of the Comet

The first death in this episode is another urban legend, this is the one about the girl who's sitting in the car hearing something drip on the roof, and when she gets out it's her boyfriend's blood. Except, this time it's a tent, and then the girl gets eaten by Damon, who is doing this for lulz as far as I can tell.
The start of a bad evening.

Next we get diary voice overs. Elena is gonna carpe that diem and so is Stefan. They are writing very similar things in their diaries which honestly makes me want to puke just a little. This is one of the things I was talking about, where the voice overs were stomping all over the actual acting going on. I don't need to be told how compatible they are, because they clearly are. I give the show a pass on this only because it was the plot device from the books, so it's not surprising they stuck it out in the show for a while.

Jenna and Elena have a cute scene, which demonstrates how much more they are like peers than any kind of adult/child relationship. Jenna is another one of those characters I liked instantly for reminding me of one of my family members, and I will admit that it's another small part of the reason I persisted with this show, in spite of its more annoying early habits.

Stefan brought Elena a copy of Wuthering Heights from when Emily Bronte was using a pen name, which is I think another jab at Twilight. This also establishes that they've been speaking to each other off screen, and assumes you're smart enough to follow anyway. One of the annoying things about television is that often people are telling each other things they've been told but that we've heard 2 or 3 times by this point, which gets repetitive and annoying. Speaking of repetitive and annoying...

Obligatory "Grams said I'm a witch" conversation for the episode.
Jeremy whips out his best angry walk and does his best to make Tyler feel like an asshole for not checking up on Vicki. It's hard to make Tyler feel like any more of an asshole than he already is, though. Jeremy also threatens to kill him if he hurts Vicki. Which sorta set an alarm off for me because they're on campus, and I was like "Oh snap, Jeremy's gonna get expelled!" This doesn't go anywhere, though.

We learn a little more about Vicki and Matt's family- no Dad in the picture, and their Mom is Elsewhere with some dude. So Matt and Vicki live on their own in town, and that's probably why Vicki is working at the Grill. Matt also mentions to Elena that Vicki thought it was a vampire, which is only important because Stefan is within Vampire Hearing Distance. Matt and Elena both blow it off. Matt takes off for the hospital when things between him and Elena get awkward (still more exes than friends) and Stefan disappears at the same moment, both headed for the hospital.
Mr. Tanner: *is an asshole to Jenna*
Then, Mister Tanner implies Jenna shouldn't be taking care of the kids. To be fair, Jenna is not really taking this parenting thing seriously, she assumes these two older kids can mostly taker care of themselves (Jeremy can, but isn't, and needs a bit of parenting) but she's like ...10? years older than Elena. It's an adjustment for everyone, and while she needs a wake-up call she also does not need you being a dick, good sir. This officially establishes that Elena and Jeremy lost their parents 4 months previously. Also this was the precise moment I wished Mr. Tanner dead. If you were curious.

Stefan goes to the hospital and somehow arrives at the same time as Matt, even though Stefan has Vampire Speed and should have been there and gone before Matt got in. Vicki is awake and has a full on freak out. When Matt goes for help, Stefan slips in and Compels her to forget about the vampire attack. Stefan leaves, again NOT using Vampire Speed, and when Matt sees that she's fully calm he spots Stefan leaving in the distance. He follows Stefan, but Stefan disappears out a window and finally uses his Vampire Speed to ninja vanish. (This is implied rather than seen, Matt just thinks he lost the guy.)

Caroline is having lunch with Elena and Bonnie, and they're talking about Elena's not-yet sex life. Caroline reminds Elena that she was gonna carpe that diem (or maybe just Stefan) and Elena leaves to find Stefan.
Caroline: Elena, we are your friends, okay? You are supposed to share the smut.*
Elena goes over to the Salvatore Boardinghouse and the front door falls open when she knocks. So she goes inside and starts calling for Stefan (she doesn't go past the foyer) and it seems like nobody's home until the crow flies in through the front door (subtle, Damon, subtle) and then Damon is RIGHT THE FUCK BEHIND HER. My first thought was that Damon was going to turn her into Elena burgers, but he invites her in and is remarkably normal and charming.

Damon: I'm Damon, Stefan's brother.
Elena: He didn't tell me he had a brother.
Damon: Well, Stefan's not one to brag.*

Also, he's clearly trolling Stefan by dropping Relationship Bombs. "Oh, I never thought he'd get over the last girlfriend, she broke his heart." Stefan is kind of a jerk to Elena because Damon is there. He's basically "Hey, nice to see you, bye," while glaring daggers at Damon. When she leaves, Damon kisses her hand and you can actually see Stefan's blood boiling.

Not pictured: Steam pouring off of Stefan
It's funny, though. Stefan and Damon clearly are not friends, but Damon still knows Stefan well enough to tell when he's pushed himself too hard. Damon really wants Stefan to start eating people, which seems counter-intuitive as it would mean that Stefan would be strong enough to be a threat to Damon. Maybe Damon just wants a really good throw-down and Stefan is too weak to do so.

Later, Damon manages to creep on Elena and Caroline at the same time. He's a multi-tasker like that.

He's also about as subtle as a brick.
The episode is so-named because a comet is passing and everyone's going to go outside and watch it, and they're all lighting candles and waiting. Stefan shows up and things are AWKWARD. Stefan apologizes for being a jerk earlier and Elena's kinda like "maybe this is a little too complicated, we're both on the rebound with brother issues and we just lost our parents". So she dumps him before things start.

Vicki sees Damon in the bar and semi recognizes him, so he decides to eat her, again. Damon does make a habit of snarfling her, poor dear. Jeremy picks up that she's missing, brings it up. Drama ensues. Then they split to find Vicki. Matt is apparently suspicious of Stefan, largely due to his disappearing act at the hospital.

Damon has got Vicki on the edge of the building and is threatening to drop her when Stefan finds them. Damon gets her to remember she was attacked by a vampire, and then Compels her to believe that Stefan did it. He's trying to get Stefan to eat Vicki, in order to protect himself. This is part of Damon's whole "pro-Stefan-eating-people" thing (and possibly part of Damon's "I'm bored and there's nothing on cable" thing). Stefan has more willpower than Damon supposes, though, and is willing to out himself as a vampire rather than be more like Damon. Damon makes Vicki forget everything rather than let that happen. If anybody's gonna torture Stefan, it's gonna be him.
It's not to say Stefan wasn't tempted, though.
Stefan: What are you up to, Damon?
Damon: That's for me to know and for you to... Dot dot dot.*

The upshot is that Matt is less suspicious of Stefan since he found Vicki and brought her back to the bar. Bonnie gives Stefan Elena's digits, since she thinks Elena is being too timid. Also, ladies and gentlemen, our first instance of Bonnie Bennet being witchy! She feels something WEIRD about Stefan when she hands off the number, and then wanders off.
Bonnie's Witch Face
Jenna has to hunt down all of Jeremy's paraphernalia (feeling like a big ole hypocrite the whole time), and she reminds us that when Jeremy and Elena lost their parents, she lost her sister. She also does it without uttering those words, so props. Elena tells Jenna something that, conveniently, she herself needs to hear. She takes off to at least make things up to Stefan, if not jump his bones. Elena shows up at the Salvatore Boardinghouse and invites Stefan out to watch the comet with her. They talk, and then kiss! It is a very sweet kind of kiss.

Later, at the Forbes house, Damon eats Caroline. No, I mean literally.
Poor Caroline. We knew ye well. 
  *= actual lines.

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