Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Rending of Garments and Other News

So I read this article at some point this morning. For those of you who don't feel like clicking the link, it basically talks about how there's gonna be a remake of the Princess Bride. If I haven't mentioned it before, that is my favorite movie ever. I have it memorized. I know Hollywood is gonna remake it at some point or another, but I couldn't wrap my head around the casting. Mostly... Paul Rudd? Really? So I tweeted it at Cleolinda, figuring she'd RT it and there would be much rending of garments. (I was ready to rend, I'm not judging.)

Fortunately, it was all due to a complete misunderstanding of what the fuck was going on. According to this article, it was going to be a live read. And it happened in December. So the rending can stop, for now.

I can't lie, the poster is pretty cool.

Angie and I are going to record later today, so we should have a new podcast up in the next week or so. I've got some TVD recaps backlogged, and I've got some movies I'm gonna watch to review as well, so it's not all vampires all the time around here.

I want to thank the people who are reading regularly. I have had a really sharp upswing in visitors and I am really excited about how that will bear out in the long road.  I appreciate everybody who comes by and glances at the things I write, and I would hug each and every one of you if I could.

My best friend now has a Zazzle store, although it doesn't have all the items she's designed in it for some reason (right now it's just showing her business card design, for example). However, she also put together this Santorum mug (it's also a button) and this drunk bunny button. She is one of my favorite human beings, and I know she's planning on adding more to the store, so if you like anything you see please buy it from her.

Dan Savage may have done this country the biggest favor anyone could ask.


  1. What I'd love to see in a new Princess Bride is to discover an arc that the grandfather left out, a new story behind the classic tale that the "boy" discovers for the first time when he finds the book again as an adult and goes through it with his own child. And this wouldn't be entirely off base because Goldman's original novel makes a big deal of being an "abridged" version that "skips over the boring bits".

  2. That'd be one of the better approaches to a remake, especially if some of the author's commentary about the boring bits got added in. It would make it a little more meta than the original, but meta is kind of in anyway.