Monday, January 2, 2012

Review of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

First, I want to say that I watched the Sherlock Holmes sequel. I liked it, and recommend it if you liked the first one, and will speak no more upon it, lest Angie shank me.

So I watched Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol over the holidays and I wanted to talk about it. In the interest of full disclosure: I haven't seen the third movie installment of Mission: Impossible, but I've seen the others. Also, though I'm a little young for it, the old Mission: Impossible show ran on some channel or other when I was younger and I watched it a lot. It was cool, there were gadgets and action sequences and danger and I honestly don't remember much except I liked it. (BTW: just found out it's on Netflix Instant Watch. I'm gonna queue that shit up.)

Anyway, Ghost Protocol apparently continues some character plot lines from the third installation, but most of that was above my head. All in all, I liked the film, it had some really great stunts as well as some fun dialogue.

I have to say, before I go on, that I may let spoilers slip. I don't think it'll that important, plus it's a straightforward action flick and there aren't many things that are going to happen that will be all that surprising, I feel. But take heed and go no further if you haven't seen it yet and care.

The stunts, as I said, are great. Extraordinary in more than one sense. There are several scenes involving Ethan Hunt scaling the tallest sky scraper in the world, and most if not all of them were done by Cruise himself. It allowed them to do shots they wouldn't have been able to do without Cruise, and gave the stunt a lot more authenticity than most stunts have.The camera work in those scenes is pretty fantastic, although if you have a height problem this scene may make you feel a little like puking. Or a lot.

I also want to say something about the foley artists. If you didn't know, foley artists are the guys who are responsible for all the little sounds that occur in a movie that aren't the actor's voices. Especially the impact noises from fighting. And the foley guys on this film did a really good job of making everything sound like it fucking hurt. Seriously, things sounded noticeably painful.

The film did a great job of making the stakes very high. The bad guys are a step ahead of them at every turn. They don't have the backup of the IMF information, sattelite, or funds. They face many near misses, and basically everyone in the world almost dies.

Because it needed to be said: Jeremy Renner is hot like burning.

Some people complained about Cruise's flabby chest, but I only really noticed it once. He's turning 50 this year and he still looks like he could kick your ass and not give a shit about it. I'll give him a break for his body getting older.

Honestly, this is film is what James Bond films should be like- fun with crazy stunts, gadgets, and high stakes. The ending is the kind that doesn't really hold up when you think about it too much, but I kind of don't care all that much. I'll definitely be picking this one up on DVD, but the stunts are amazing and worth seeing in the theater.

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