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TVD Recap: Season 1 Episode 5 "You're Undead to Me"

I am planning on also doing a movie review at some point in the near future, I haven't decided what. If you can think of anything on Netflix Instant Watch or available on Hulu you'd like a review of, leave me a comment and I'll look into it!

Also, not all of these events are perfectly in order. There's a lot of inter-cutting so I recombined things to make a little more written sense.

Season 1, Episode 5: You're Undead to Me

Damon wakes up in the basement cell without his ring, which he's apparently been in for three days. Stefan is explaining that he's counting on Damon mummifying from lack of blood, and then Stefan will lock him in the family vault for fifty years until he chills out, maybe there'll be an attitude change. Whoa that's... kinda hardcore.

Elena takes out her journal, looks at it, and decides against it. Then she walks in on Vicki Donovan in the bathroom. Elena tells Jenna, who is well aware of what's going on. Elena hasn't heard from Stefan in a few days, and she's still a bit pissed. And she is eating cereal. Grumpily.

Poor Caroline has gaps in her memory, she doesn't entirely remember everything that happened. Even if she actually does remember, she's been compelled not to say anything. It's actually really sad. Also, Bonnie is trying to light a fire with her mind.

Caroline is having a rough week.

Stefan: *shows up*
Bonnie: Hey, uh, you know, I gotta go, uh, be somewhere right now.
Smooth, Bennet. Real smooth.

Stefan tells her he's dealt with Damon, and then he also tells Caroline that Damon is never coming back. That is... very untrue. I'd say it's a spoiler but really this wouldn't be much of a show without Damon. Poor Caroline looks like she's been hit with a bat, poor girl.

Zach hears Damon wheezing and goes downstairs to... I dunno, needle him, I guess? It honestly wasn't a smart move on Zach's part. Damon tries to talk Zach into bringing him a rabbit. Ooh, Zach doesn't own the house, Damon and Stefan do. That explains why they can just show up and waltz in.

Elena is supposed to meet Stefan at the Grill, and he's a no show so and Matt play pool together.  Matt and Elena end up talking about Vicki and Jeremy, because it's awkward and funny. Matt reminds her that they were friends and she spills her worries about Stefan. Matt is really sweet, and admits that Stefan is a nice guy. Then Stefan shows up and Matt splits.

So, on a scale of 1-10, how creepy is it that our siblings fuck each other?
Stefan has to be vague about what held him up for an hour, which is part of what really has been annoying Elena. Then someone shows up and says that he recognizes Stefan, and that he hasn't aged a day. Stefan shoos him off. Stefan tries to take Elena home, but she's far too annoyed with him. He's dug himself a deep hole.

Very brief Elena voice over, she says her instincts are wigging on her.

Logan Fell and Sheriff Forbes start talking shop, that the vampire or vampires in town aren't hiding in any of the caves and so must be staying at a home in town. They don't know about the Salvatore's magic rings, that seems like a big educational gap.  Jenna shows up and tells Logan Fell he has an hour, so he'd better make it count.

This is the face of someone who is looking forward to being playfully mean.

Jeremy shows up in Elena's doorway, looking like he's walking on sunshine. He asks Elena how she's doing, and she confesses to being miserable. He says she should go get something to eat, so she goes downstairs to find Stefan, cooking. Oh god, Jeremy I want to give you hugs. I'm glad he's cheered up, he was in the running for being emo kid for a while there. Must be all that 'getting laid', although I suspect Elena giving him the locket also had something to do with it.

He really is kind of adorable in the "I want to pinch your cheekies" sense.
Stefan is cooking Italian food, explaining that his roots demand that he know how to make Chicken Parmisean. He can even make his homemade mozzarella, but this is storebought. Bless. Stefan starts giving a little bit of backstory. He's describing Catherine, that she was fun and pretty but also arrogant.

Stefan is describing all his likes and dislikes while prepping veg for dinner. Then he lets Elena take over shopping garlic. Who wants to put a buck in on 'she cuts herself and Stefan has a blood freakout'?
Elena: This is for the garlic bread, right? Because I'm not eating garlic unless you agree to, too.
Stefan: Are you kidding? I love garlic.
...nice way of saying "Garlic doesn't effect vampires" without coming out and saying it.
Aaaand Elena cuts herself. Raise your hand if you're surprised. Stefan has a little on his hand and vamps out, and she sees his Vampire face in the window.

She thinks she's actually hallucinating.

It was too weird for her to actually believe her eyes, though. Then they kiss. So I guess it's all better now.

Vicki is taking some old pills of Elena's that she found. Jeremy doesn't want to get high anymore, I guess he feels better and is over his 'troubled' phase? Vicki rolls her eyes and asks if he's gonna try to change her now that they were together.

Damon looks rough, really pale and sweaty. Paler than usual. Starving is hard on everyone, I guess. Is he trying to... bring Caroline to him? He is, apparently his mental whammy powers can reach her. Then he sends his crow after her, which she shoos off. I don't blame her for being wigged.

Then Elena and Stefan are at the Sexy Suds car wash.
Matt: *tortured pine as Stefan and Elena kiss*
Bonnie: Uh-uh, no, none of that tortured pining stuff.

See, Jeremy shed some of his Emo so Matt is trying to pick up the slack.

And there's a girl who is really rude to someone, so Bonnie soaks her by turning up the flow in the hose.  Which, fair enough, but why is this girl surprised she gets wet? It's a carwash, I thought that was a given. I mean, they're all wearing bathing suits, I thought the point of carwashes in the summer was to get half soaked.

Logan Fell is reporting on the carwash (slow news day in Mystic Falls) and Jenna is hanging with him, so apparently the dinner date they had did impress. Jenna and Logan reminisce about having sex in the parking lot, that's cute.

Elena starts commenting on Stefan's ring. She knows that Damon has the same ring, she's worried the water and soap will damage it. For a moment, I thought Elena was gonna take Stefan's ring off, or try to, and get him burned or have him freak out and then start another fight. I think he thought so too.

Caroline goes into the empty school for supplies and Damon's mojo somehow works on her this time, possibly because he looks absolutely pathetic.

Help me, Caroline-Kenobe. You're my only hope.

The old guy that recognized Stefan ends up at the carwash, and and Elena starts asking him questions. Elena realizes he's not talking about something recent, and that he knew a Stefan and Damon that both lived at the boarding house in the fifties. Which is a bit of a creepy thought. She now has all of these interesting puzzle pieces bouncing around in her head. She asks Stefan if there were any other Salvatores, and he shrugs and gives another vague answer.

Elena informs Jenna that her car's been clean for an hour and Jenna's like "so what's that got to do with anything".  So then she asks if Logan is enough in her good graces that she can ask for a favor. In response, Logan asks if doing Elena the favor will get him in Jenna's good graces. Jenna: "A very reluctant maybe to both." Elena wants some old news stories, she says it's for a report but she's clearly checking out the old guy's story.  She doesn't want anybody to know that she left.

Damon lures Caroline into the house using the powers of Vampire. I think this has to do with how much he compelled her, or maybe he compelled her to respond to something like this. She lets him out of the basement room, after he compells her to not remember opening it. Zack interferes, giving Caroline a chance to run. So Damon snaps his neck. She runs. The vervain really has made Damon weak, because she kicks him and actually knocks him down. Plus, he's not fast enough to catch her in this state, and she runs out into the day. Because Stefan took his ring, he can't follow.

That's a hell of a sunburn.

The same rude girl is mean really to Bonnie and she sets a car on fire. Huh. Don't piss her off. Stefan snaps her out of it and she asks him if she did this. He tells her yes, and agrees to keep secret that she's got something weird going on. She's genuinely wigged out and takes off.

Setting a car on fire with your mind is a little less ambiguous than lighting a candle, I'll admit.
Vicki and Jeremy are stoned with the Vicki's friends in the cemetery. Everyone's enjoying themselves until Jeremy finds out that Vicki swiped Elena's meds. A: because Elena will know they're missing, she knows Jeremy's been into drugs and has probably been keeping an eye on them. B: because that's crossing a line, to be honest. Jeremy doesn't want to hang with her friends and she points out that he's just going through a phase, and he'll probably clear up and do well, while she'll be stuck at the grill waiting tables. Which is... well, it's probably pretty likely, to be honest. Jeremy heads home, pissed off.

Elena is dropped of by Logan, who has to split so he can go cover the fire. Elena finds the story easily, and there's archived news footage. Which has had a poorly done filter to make it look old-timey. It looks better in pause than it does live. However that's not really the point, the point is that Stefan, her Stefan, is clearly brooding in the back of the shot. It's a fuzzy shot, but those eyebrows are unmistakeable.

Also, this filter looks way better in freeze frame.
Sheriff Forbes checks on Caroline, who is moping in her bedroom. And it does not go well. They do not have a good relationship, and it clearly hurts the Sheriff a lot that they don't. Especially since Caroline Forbes is an expert at the verbal smackdown. "Mom, if I want to talk boys, I'll call Dad. At least he's successfully dating one." Ouch. I felt that burn.

Stefan comes home after dark to a horrorshow. When Damon did not successfully eat Caroline, he ate his burn. Stefan calls out for Zach, and finds his body near the empty cell. Damon is, of course, long gone.

Elena starts narrating again, she claims she's not a believer and there's no magic or anything like that, and that people aren't supposed to lie. But she's putting the pieces together, all of the pieces- the old news footage with Stefan, the cut that miraculously healed, Stefan's veiny face and dark eyes, Caroline's bites and the dead bodies, plus the fact that the instant Vicki woke up from her attack way back in the beginning she said it was a vampire- and she's understandbly freaked.

Deploying the concern lines.
The crystal Damon had (that Caroline now has) casts a pentacle shape when lit from behind. Interesting.

Bonnie goes to Grams for help after accidentally setting a car on fire. She's definitely freaked out by the whole thing.

Logan sneaks into Jeremy's room and snatches the pocket watch. Dick.

Damon shows up at the stoner party and eats Vicki. Again.

Stefan is pissed about Damon killing Zack, and grabs a stake to go finish him off-

Ballsy as hell.
-but Elena is standing outside, and demands to know what he is. I like her spunk, although if he were dangerous at all this would get her killed.

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