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TVD Recap: Season 1 Episode 6 "Lost Girls"

I've been struggling with recapping this episode because of the way it's framed. There are a lot of flashbacks, and a lot of "And then Stefan told Elena X". The episode is also framed weirdly, in that it highlights the romantic drama instead of the vampire drama. I think if they hadn't wanted to end the episode in a break-up between Elena and Stefan, this episode would have been stronger.

But this episode is one of the weaker ones in the season. It has all the plodding boredom of the earlier teenager-drama plots, and very little actual action. We only really have Stefan, Elena, Vicki, and Damon as major players. While we do get some great scenes with Damon being Damon, there are also a lot of slower flashback scenes that somehow actually don't tell us that much about the Salvatore brothers pre-vampire. We do find out more about Katherine, although not nearly enough. While it makes sense that they are saving a lot of Katherine's story for later this episode contains a lot of filler that actually doesn't explain a lot. You could fast forward through all of the Stefan Elena bits and not be far out of the loop at all.

Season 1 Episode 6: Lost Girls

Elena voice over- the same one from the end of the last episode, actually, although I think this time it's a bit abbreviated. We see her grab her keys, drive, and then pace outside the door of the Salvatore boardinghouse. She's summoning the courage to barge in and demand to know what the fuck this is all about. Again, I like her spunk. Stefan strides out of the house and into a flashback to Mystic Falls, Virginia, 1864. (This is the one transition to flashback that I kinda love.)

He's wearing civil war era clothes and waiting for Katherine Pierce, who (if I haven't mentioned) is also played by Nina Dobrev.

All the era garb is pretty, though I can't swear to authenticity
Back to the present: Elena asks Stefan what he is, and he tells her that she wouldn't be there if she didn't already know, which is fair. She asks him again and he tells her the truth. You can see the realization of what exactly that could mean crawl across her face, and then she tries to make a hasty exit. He ninjas in front of her, trying to keep her at the boarding house so he can just explain. She's too scared to listen to him, and so he lets her go home.

Jeremy's in his room, listening to music. Elena is in hers, pacing and generally freaking out. Cue vampire appearance by Stefan. Once again she attempts to book it, and he keeps her from opening the door. Stefan is really not doing well at the whole "not being creepy" thing.

Don't leave, I have to creep you out a little more first!
She accuses him of being responsible for the animal attacks, which of course that's what she thinks. He explains that he doesn't drink human blood and would never hurt her, Damon's been the one snacking on the populace. He begs her to keep the secret, and tell no one. She asks him to prove he's not going to hurt her by leaving, so he does.  She locks the window when he leaves, as if that would stop him from getting in.

Meanwhile, Damon ate ALL the druggies, as if anybody is surprised. He looks much, uh, healthier. Then he starts burning the bodies. While pouring alcohol on the bodies, he calls Stefan and demands his ring back. The brotherly bond is a contentious one. Poor Vicki, she isn't quite dead yet.  Damon seems impressed. Either that or annoyed.

The next morning, Elena decides against journaling. I don't blame her, and I'm glad they're cutting down on the voice overs. She meets Stefan at the grill (is there any other restaurant in Mystic Falls?)

Oh well, at least they're outside.
They go through all of the usual vampire tropes, some seem a bit redundant. We know Stefan likes garlic, and she saw his reflection once, so garlic and mirrors don't effect him. Additionally, neither crosses nor holy water work on vampires. He explains about the ring, and then the important difference between himself and Damon. By that I mean that Damon is much stronger than Stefan because Stefan avoids human blood.

She then accuses Stefan of allowing Damon to abuse and feed on Caroline. Her point of view is very understandable, especially her horror at the fact that her best friend was Damon's walking buffet/fuck buddy. Still, Stefan did everything he could and it didn't work. Elena refuses to promise to keep the secret, so Stefan asks her to give him a day to explain himself.

Sheriff Forbes and Logan Fell are scene in the cemetery, where Forbes is insisting that it's another vampire attack. Logan is informing her they have the Gilbert watch, and then they find Vicki Donovan's purse there. Sheriff Forbes went to high school with Vicki's mother, she really doesn't want Vicki to be one of the bodies present.

It's nice, it'd be really easy to demonize them for hunting Stefan, but clearly the Sheriff cares about the town.
Damon is at the house, on the phone with Stefan insisting that he be given back his ring. "I don't do bored and impatient." This is later proven. Damon has brought Vicki with him, and she's still bleeding a bit, onto his nice couch! (He really asks her not to bleed on the couch, which I find kinda hysterical. Good heavens no!)  He then opens a vein in his wrist and feeds her his blood. He looks bored with the proceedings.

I guess there's nothing on tv.
Elena and Stefan are in the middle of nowhere, and Elena is understandably wigged that this is where he wants to talk. Apparently they're at the ruins of what used to be Salvatore manor. Elena finds out that Stefan was turned into 1864, and... well, Elena spends most of this episode in a state of 'understandably wigged'. Just assume that's her default expression. Elena and Stefan wander into another flashback.

Damon and Stefan, looking delightfully period are playing football in the yard. Katherine comes out to join in the fun. Stefan: My brother likes to play rough. Damon has this look on his face like YEAH I DO. Then she swipes the football and runs off. Damon and Stefan, of course, chase her.

Also, the hat/suspenders combo is kinda adorable.

Elena seems surprised that the Katherine Situation occurred so long ago. She is still wrapping her head around the fact that her boyfriend has been a vampire for 145 years, so she's having to readjust her internal timeline.

1864: Damon in his Confederate gear, and Stefan in his Southern Gentleman attire. Damon reveals that he's not returning to the army, although not why. Katherine made a show of not knowing which Salvatore to take to the original founder's ball, although she winds up going with Stefan.

Katherine's default expression seems to be "pleased with myself".
Damon's in the boarding house with Vicki, who is apparently way high on Damon's blood. I think he's compelled her to get high off his blood, and that it's not actually an intoxicant. The blood also healed her neck wound, which is an effect of drinking vampire blood. Damon says they're gonna party until the sun goes down, and then they drink each other's blood. 

Stefan reveals that Katherine was also seeing Damon behind his back. When Elena asked if Damon stole Katherine, he says that she wasn't the kind to be stolen. To prove this, we flashback on a sex scene.

1864: Now Stefan and Katherine are having sex, and then... surprise, Katherine's a vampire! She noms Stefan.

Vampire Katherine
When he wakes up, Katherine compels him to not tell anyone and that they will continue as they have been. Since we've seen her in the daylight, we know she knows the secret of the ring, and it's reasonable to assume that this is where Stefan and Damon picked up that particular trick.

Stefan was apparently keeping Damon's ring at the ruins of their former home. This is not particularly subtle, but I guess if he was confident in his previous plan then it's not a terrible hiding place, apparently people leave the ruins alone. Elena asks him not to give Damon the ring back, and Stefan points out that it could mean her life.

While I understand Stefan's point, they have good reason to want Damon hindered, and at the beginning of the episode Stefan was ready to stake the fuck out of Damon. He was leaving the house to do just that when Elena interupted him. While, yes, all of the vervain has probably passed out of Damon's system by now, it doesn't mean Stefan can't suprise-stake him. I think, after all this time, Damon actually wouldn't be expecting it. Of course, Damon is like half the point of the show, so that can't happen. I'm just pointing out that Stefan's motivation is a little hard to follow here. Later we learn some more information that puts this in a much better context, and why all this reminiscing might simmer Stefan's anger, but for now it really destroys the powerful image that Stefan had when he grabbed the stake and went charging out the front door at the end of last episode.

Sheriff Forbes is talking to the Mayor, and (as we know) Vicki wasn't among the deceased. Logan hands over the watch and the mayor pries the watch face out and puts a different face in. We later find out that this is a vampire compass, instead of pointing due north it points to the nearest vampire.

Vicki is dancing and telling Damon her life story. Damon starts dancing with her. He has his shirt unbuttoned, which is a gift for all of us who like guys. Also, the song this scene is set to is a cover of Enjoy the Silence that I enjoyed a lot. I thought it was the Lacuna Coil cover on first listen, but now I'm not so sure. 

There are a million gifs of this dance, like this one here.
They trash Stefans room for lols until Damon starts staring at Katherine's picture in an emo way. Then they're slow dancing, Vicki is still telling her life story and bawling. Damon is comforting her, kinda, and it veers into him being sorta sweet... and then he breaks her neck. Alas, poor Vicki.

Damon's hard to read, but I think he was actually trying to be nice. In his way.
Damon tests the sun- yep, still burns. Then... Vicki wakes up. Damon informs her that she's dead. She's got to feed on human blood and then she'll be a vampire. He explains it to her but she doesn't quite get it. He actually seems to be trying to help her, but he lets her go. He tells her to stop by and see Jeremy, so I guess he's hoping that she'll take a bite out of him. He looks entirely too pleased with himself.

Logan, the Sheriff, and some cops are in the woods. (If I'd said "walk into a bar" that'd be a great joke setup.) They have wood bullets, apparently wooden bullets will slow vamps down. Interesting. I wonder how wooden bullets would fire. They're clearly handcarved. I assume that the accuracy would go down over a distance, but I don't think it ever comes up.

I also don't know that much about guns.

Vicki did stop to see Jeremy, and apparently the sun is already starting to bother her. Hot makeouts for a moment, then she starts sniffing is neck. She delcares she's starving, and starts eating everything in the Gilbert fridge.

Stefan helps Elena into her car. She asks about the mind control, if he does it to her. This is a good question, although I wonder why she didn't bring it up earlier. He tells her the necklace protects her from it, because it has vervain in it. He doesn't actually prove it to her, which I find a little weird. If I were Elena, I'd definitely ask for some evidence that vervain actually repelled vampires. In fairness to Elena, he says that he wants her to be protected from Damon and also to know that Stefan hasn't influenced her decisions, and he seems very sincere.

Matt shows up at the Gilberts, and he and Jeremy are trying to figure out what she's on. She says her gums and her jaws hurt, presumably it's part of her transition. The news is on, and Jeremy sees that the people they'd been hanging with all died a horrible and suspicious death. Matt and Jeremy want to know what happened when Jeremy left, and Stefan arrives with Elena. Stefan talks to Vicki calmly, and has Matt and Jeremy put her in bed and shut the blinds.

Vicki's had a rough day.
It's clear that he knows immediately what's going on. He updates Elena. When she asks what will complete the transformation, he says that Vicki has to feed on human blood or she'll die. It's clear that he wants Vicki to forgo blood, and not transform. I... have a problem with this. I know that he abhors the loss of human life, but we know that vampires can feed without taking a life. Yes, he and Damon live very different vampiric lives. But Damon, who believes humans are there to use and abuse, is capable of living without killing people. Yes, the rules change when you become a vampire, but that doesn't mean that Vicki shouldn't be given a chance. Nobody ever says how much blood it takes to trigger the transformation, I'm sure Elena can spare a pint... you know? I mean, if the other option is Vicki DIES.

Elena points out that Jeremy and Matt are in the same room with her, and Stefan tells her she doesn't know what she'll need to do just yet. Apparently turning into a vampire undoes all the compelling that's happened to a person. Stefan says that she'll make a choice, and Elena points out that he had to make the very same choice. I'm not 100% sure if she's judging him for choosing to become a vampire or because he's trying to prevent Vicki from making the same choice. Could be both.

She also looks sufficiently frazzled. She's had a rough day too.
Jeremy is comforting Vicki upstairs, and she's uncomfortably close to his neck. She realizes what she wants and leaves, rather than hurt him. By the time Matt gets outside, she's gone. I don't know if this was a display of vampire speed, or if it was just that she vanished down a side street or something. Stefan leaves to track her down.

Logan is in the woods, at night, looking for the vampires with the pocket watch. The watch reacts, and Logan calls the Sheriff, letting him know where he is and that he got a bite on the line.

Elena and Jeremy are cleaning up the mess in the kitchen (dirty dishes everywhere) and freaking out a little bit. Damon rings the doorbell, and she tries to slam the door in his face. I like her moxie, but it's very ineffective. Damon's very amused that she knows he's a vampire, and he says he's just looking for Stefan. He swears he's not planning on killing Elena, because it doesn't serve his 'greater agenda'. When she tells him that Stefan is looking for Vicki, he claims that Vicki will thank him for turning her. Elena asks if he thanked Katherine- again, the girl has moxie, throwing Katherine in his face like that. Her comment definitetly hit the mark, too.

Expression rarely seen on Damon: Solemn

Damon leaves, after helpfully suggesting she be more careful who he invites inside- reminding her that he can enter at any point, and there's nothing she can do about it. As a side note: the invite thing seems like it should have a loophole, actually.  Maybe this is just my years of a Buffy-fan speaking, but vampires get cool rings made of blue stones that let them cheat. Surely there's a spell that lets them deinvite vamps? Or just block out vamps completely? Eh, anyway.

Stefan finds Vicki, who is crying in the cemetery. She's apparently starting to remember everything that she'd been compelled into forgetting. Stefan's trying to talk her into not feeding. Vicki is not particularly wanting to take that particular route (don't blame her). She asks Stefan to take her home, and then Logan shoots Stefan with his wooden bullets. Logan kneels down, ready to take out Stefan.

Logan comes actually pretty close to killing Stefan.
Then, Damon shows up and takes a big chunk out of Logan's neck. He pries the wood bullet out of Stefan. "If anyone's going to kill you, it's gonna be me." While Damon and Stefan were occupied, Vicki starting feeding on Logan. She looks apologetic and splits. Damon picks up the pocket watch, and takes off. Later, Sheriff Forbes find Logan's body.

Stefan shows up at Elena's, and he has to tell her that Vicki is a vampire and there's nothing they can do about it. He swears he'll find her and teach her how to live off animals, Elena says she knows that he won't hurt her and so she'll keep his secret, but she can't handle being with him. I don't really blame her, that's a lot to take in.  Then she goes inside and has herself a good cry.

Vicki's now undead, her boyfriend's a fairly old vampire, and his brother is a NASTY vampire. I'd need a good cry, too.

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