Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Perfume Samples: Because I'm Bored

I'm currently working on my review for Grave Encounters, but that one is taking longer than expected due to my need for it to convey how much I loved that movie.

This post is also much girlier than usual, but fuck it. If you don't care about perfume or me rambling about perfume, there's nothing in this one for you.

The ULTA mailer came today with a bunch of perfume samples, and I really can't resist perfume samples anymore, not since I discovered how much I like perfume and perfume oils. (Anybody who wants to buy me the whole Labyrinth set from BPAL is free to do so. Oh god I needs it.)

So I tried them and I thought I'd write it up because, honestly, I was bored and feeling puny and I thought it might cheer me up.

The first one I tried was Ralph Lauren Romance, and it didn't go well. It's kind of a dark floral scent on the paper, but not in the way that I like dark floral scents. Maybe it's too musky for me, I dunno, but I applied it and then it started just smelling like soap.

Next was DKNY Be Delicious, which I really liked on the paper. Smells like slightly sweet green apples. But my skin chemistry kills all of the apple, it just smells like a kind of green perfumey smell on me. Which is fine (in fact I tend to stick to green scents in general) but bums me out, because I like apple. Golden Delicious came in the same sample paper and it smells a bit like honeyed apple to me. And when I apply it, it smells exactly like Be Delicious does on me, if you mixed a little honey in. I am the killer of apples.

Calvin Klein Euphoria was kind of a sweet fruity floral? It's hard to nail down these professional perfumes, they have SO many notes. When applied, it goes kinda vanilla on me. Not in a bad way, I kinda like it. Maybe creamy? It's nice, although a bit unexpected.

Beautiful from Estee Lauder smells kinda sharply floral to me on the paper. When applied it sweetens a bit, so it's a bit of a sweeter floral on me. I'm not much into very broadly floral scents, I like it much more when I can pick out specific flowers. But on my hand I'm getting... I think it's jasmine. Maybe a touch of rose? So it's nice, although I don't think I'd go out of my way for it.

If I were to look up anything, it'd be Euphoria, I don't have a lot of sweet scents and this one is a nice one on me. But it's nice and it's not OMG VANILLA and not like anything else I own right now. (If I get bored later this week I'll probably go through my whole collection and talk about them.)

Here are some links for those who might want them:

Ralph Lauren Romance
DKNY Be Delicious
Golden Delicious
Calvin Klein Euphoria
Beautiful by Estee Lauder

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