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TVD Recap! Season 1 Episode 8: 162 Candles

The return of TVD Recaps!

162 Candles

The creators of this series have a Joss Whedon-like ability to make you love someone and then rip your heart out with that someone, except way faster. It's hard to do in one episode, but somehow they manage.

This episode starts with Stefan moping at the Salvatore Boarding house. Some vampire is creeping on him, and he's genuinely just a little bit freaked out. No worries, though, because it's just his BFF Lexi! Lexi is awesome, and she's in town for Stefan's birthday. Apparently she and Stefan had a wild weekend with Bon Jovi. I DEMAND THIS EPISODE IN FLASHBACK.

There are many caps of her because her time with us is brief.
Lexi is hanging out at the boarding house because she doesn't have the nifty rings of daylight. Damon appears in bed with her, which causes her to roll her eyes. She sooo does not care about Damon, and when he annoys her she threatens to kill him. Which she could totally do, because she's older, and that means much stronger.

Damon is keeping up his "I'm a nice guy who wants to help" thing with Sheriff Forbes, and he delivers vervain to her, being careful not to physically touch it himself. I guess his flesh sizzling would give away the whole vampire thing, eh? He asks how she's doing with the vampire search, and she sighs and admits she's been thinking that vampires might have the ability to walk around during the day, and they're going to have to backtrack and start looking at the people who arrived in town just as the murdering started. This, clearly, concerns Damon as he was one of those people. (Well, and also, because he's been doing the murdering.)

Bonnie comes to check on Elena, who is still wallowing in bed. Bonnie gets her to admit what's wrong, and then Bonnie decides to cheer Elena up by tearing her pillow up.

Elena does have the best WTF look for this scene.
Just kidding, she lifts feathers with the power of her mind. So, you know, that's cool. It does seem to cheer Elena up, at any rate.

She's a witch! Burn her!
Caroline runs into Damon and starts berating him, so he compels her. Shouldn't her mom be feeding her vervain? I mean, if I knew vampires might be loose on the town that my teenage daughter lives in, you bet your ass she'd be so full of vervain Damon would get itchy just standing too close to her.

She looks so innocent when he compels her, it's sad.
Lexi is suggesting that what would really bring Elena around is if Stefan were to bone her. I wonder what she knows about his boning skill. Is he just that good? Because- no, that's off topic. Anyway, Damon suggests that they drop by the party, knowing that Lexi is in town specifically to celebrate Stefan's birthday and is going to drag him somewhere for funzies. Also, seriously, Stefan and Lexi Party Episode Flashback. It needs to happen. Even just pictures.

Elena is really feeling the guilt and stuff about knowing that Stefan is a vampire and not being able to tell anyone, and Bonnie unintentionally rubs it in when she confesses she wasn't supposed to tell anyone about being a witch, but had to tell Elena because Elena is her BFF. You can practically taste Elena's guilt. 

It tastes like candy.
Elena heads over to Stefan's so she can talk about the guilt that is eating her up, and runs into Lexi who is wearing nothing but a towel. In a bout of hilarious misunderstanding, Elena assumes that Stefan is boning the super cute Lexi, and Lexi has a moment where she's clearly like HOSHITIT'SKATHERINE.

Elena decides to leave, hoping to drive the awkward away, and Lexi goes to demand just exactly what the fuck Stefan thinks he's doing, because she knows what Katherine looks like. She asks if they're related. Stefan says "I have no desire to tie Elena to Katherine."

Lexi's actual response, which just cracks me up.
This does give Stefan the chance to talk about how awesome Elena is, which is kind of sweet.

Stefan talks to Elena and discovers she thinks he and Lexi were doing the Wild Thang, and has to explain that they are just friends. Elena goes with it, but she is still really upset at all the secret keeping. Which he seems to get, but it's clear things aren't going really well. Also, I guess I find it kind of weird that she doesn't know his birthdate (month and day, at least), although it may be one of those get to know you things he doesn't talk about- perhaps fearing that if people found out his actual birth date, they could match it to the original Stefan Salvatore. In a town full of vampire hunters, this is a legitimate fear.

Caroline tries to get the necklace back, and I wonder why Bonnie doesn't just tell Caroline why she's unwilling to give it up. She doesn't have to reveal that she's a witch, she could just be like "Look, this belonged to my ancestor and I have a picture of it." While Caroline wouldn't desist, she'd at least understand. Then Caroline tries to snatch the necklace, and gets burned. Damon, upon finding out that Caroline failed, is an utter ass. (Because he's disappointed and angry. He doesn't deal with his feels well.)

There are many DAMON YOUR FACE entries today. I don't apologize.
Stefan attempts to mend things with Matt by telling a partial truth- he'd been in Vicki's situation before, and he was just trying to help her. Matt, it seems, isn't really pissed off at Stefan, he's just irritated by the whole situation. His Mom will just split too, which means Matt's living all alone now. Which is both sad and probably means that child services should get involved, technically speaking. Is he 18?

Possibly a child endangerment case in the works.
Damon goes out and has himself a snack, and then compels the girl his dinner was with to some ill purpose. When Damon compels someone, it's not good news.

Elena shows up at the party and Damon appears, because that's how he is. Elena asks him what he did to Jeremy, since Jeremy is now all motivated to work and shit. Damon said that she asked him to take away his suffering, and so that's what he did. It's actually kind of a sweet moment. It's a little tempered by the fact that he JUST killed someone, but this is Damon we're talking about here. A body count comes with the territory.

This shit is in a bar so everything's dark. But still, this is what he looks like when he's admitting to being nice. Ish.
Lexi then corners Elena and they talk about relationships. Lexi confesses that she had a human lover, and it was hard, but they made it work. Because they loved each other. And she's also a little drunk, which is kind of adorable. Elena likes Lexi in spite of herself, and Lexi enters the wingman hall of fame.

She definitely ships Stefan/Elena.
Sheriff Forbes discovers the survivor to Damon's attack, the girl he compelled. She apparently remembers who attacked her. Meanwhile, Caroline is Very Drunk. And also depressed, and crying, and generally having a rough night. Matt decides to take her home, and winds up carrying her out and runs into the very disapproving sheriff. Matt looks like he nearly peed himself, and has the best I'M NOT DRUNK I SWEAR look on his face.

There's also a lot of mother/daughter sniping this scene. Poor Matt, in the middle of all this.
Forbes lets him take Caroline home, but makes sure nobody else can leave.

Damon and Lexi- no love lost, there. She tries to bribe him into telling his diabolical plans with alcohol. It doesn't work. While they're talking, Forbes brings the survivor in to point out her attacker, and she points in Damon's general direction. Forbes comes in, vervains Lexi, and they drag her outside. Lexi is, well, not much pleased.

Pissing off vampires: Bad Idea since always.
The wooden bullets barely phase her, which is interesting because they really took Stefan out of the game. Must be a combination of her age plus the fact that she drinks real blood. She's about to lay down some serious whoopass when DAMON STAKES LEXI YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE. Stefan and Elena, who'd seen that something was up, saw what happened.

I can't post pictures of dead Lexi. It hurts my heart too much.
Then, Sheriff Forbes arrests the bartender. At least she has her priorities in hand: first kill the vampire, THEN arrest bartender giving my daughter booze. Even more amusingly, it's entirely possible Lexi's body is in the trunk while the bartender is in the back seat.

Damon is very good at dissembling. Like, disturbingly good. He can whip out the "awww, shucks" better than just about anybody.

Matt tucks Caroline in! Awwwww! And sticks around until she falls asleep, because she asked! Hopefully he leaves before the Sheriff gets home, because she's unlikely to take well to this. Although, she is kind of friends with the much (much much) older guy who took her daughter out one time, so maybe she'd be cool with it?

Whoa, Stefan is gonna fuck Damon UP. He was not this pissed when Damon killed Zach. Of course, that didn't happen right before his eyes, and he hadn't known Zach for a hundred and some-odd years. Elena is trying to get him to cool down, not to protect Damon, but to keep Stefan from turning into Damon. This is, admittedly, a good point- Damon's primary issue is that he solves every problem with a good solid murdering. But Stefan pushes her away when she's just starting to reach out for him, telling her that she was right to not want to be with him. Dude, Lexi is dead and I can still hear her calling you names.

Damon claims he was protecting them both, but Stefan doesn't buy it. I do, one of the shows primary themes is family, and one of the things that is very clear is that even with all this antipathy, Damon and Stefan do care about each other.

Then, Stefan begins to fuck Damon up. Apparently anger does count for something, this is going much better than their last fight, which wound up with Stefan getting his ass handed to him. Then he STAKES DAMON.

Dude, what did you think was gonna happen?
Not in the right place- just enough to really hurt, but he's making the point that he could. And also because Damon saved Stefan from Logan Fell- and very possibly because Elena did get through to him.

He did leave Damon to unstake himself, which looks like it sucks. But, you know, Damon earned it.
Bonnie's having a freaky nightmare where she's running through the woods. Hint: anytime a witch or seer has a nightmare, that's Not Good. Then, Bonnie wakes up in the middle of the woods near a crypt!
Not at all freaky.

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