Thursday, February 2, 2012

Grief and Star Trek

Warning: This post is more serious than what I normally do, and is kind of a bummer. I don't have much of a point, I'm just bummed and felt like blogging about it.

The 2009 Star Trek ends with the classic Star Trek narration. You know. "Space: the final frontier." and so on. Nimoy narrates it. I thought, "Man, I'll bet Mike recites that narration every time-" and stopped.


Mike is dead. He has been for nearly three years.

So that's how I wound up sobbing to the end credits of Star Trek.

Mike and my mother went to high school together, and he knew my brother and myself from the day we were born. We considered him an uncle, blood or not.

My brother came home on leave a week or so before Mike died, and we decided we'd round Mike up and all go for food and to see Star Trek. I called and left a message and we went by, but he wasn't home. That wasn't so odd, he had other friends and went out, he didn't have a cell phone so if he wasn't home he wasn't home. We made other plans. I knew Mike would call me back, because he always did.

This time, he didn't.

It's why I associate Star Trek with him, just a little. Not all the time either. Every once in a while my brain catches me off guard, and suckerpunches me right in the feelings.

I'm absolutely certain he would have loved the movie, though.

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